Friday, 27 May 2016

A Twaklin Anthology

Dear ordinary audience member,

Welcome to the fifth public presentation of the year in this little digital theatre.

Were you here for the first public presentation?

Were you here for the second public presentation?

Were you here for the third public presentation?

Were you here for the fourth public presentation?

Have you been here for any of the private performances and presentations?

Have your received all the necessary training required of a sprezzatura performer?

Have you read the Opera and Enlightenment Anthology?

Have you examined the Anthologies and Analogies of the Twaklinesque?

How would you compile your own Twaklin Anthology?

Would it include Twaklinian poetry?

Would it include beautiful policies?

Would it include reflections on society?

If you have visited the virtual parlour in Villa Twaklinilkawt, the questions supplied there form the basis of many ongoing dialogues, some of which are more dramatic and theatrical than others.

Your answers to the questions provided will most likely constitute the foundation of your Twaklin anthology, especially if you have enlightening questions of your own to contribute, too.