Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Preparing for the Digital Twaklinesque Festival of Peace

All sorts of festivals occur in the world.  You may even think of Christmas as a festival, if that is part of your culture.

From the end of August this year and into the spring, you were invited to participate in the digital Twaklinesque Festival of Peace.  Preparations are already underway for next year's festival.

The digital Twaklinesque Festival of Peace has many similarities to a Twaklin anthology, though in a much more condensed space of time in one way and in a much more expansive way otherwise.

Anything Twaklinesque usually includes Twaklinian poetry, songs, variations and recitals, as was the case at the most recent Twaklinesque Festival.

All participants in the most recent Twaklinesque festival, including audience members, were taught how to overcome stage fright on the world stage.  If you fear performing in public, or even in private, please reflect calmly on peace throughout this evening's presentation.

Many of the most recent digital aspects of the Twaklinesque Festival of Peace took place in social media venues.  A few peaceful highlights from The Social Media Show were incorporated into the festival last year. 

Several aspects of the festival last year were also incorporated into the Mozarty Party World Peace and Global Prosperity tour.   Have you ever been invited to perform by matching Mozart?

On Mr Mozart's next birthday, on the 27th of next month, a similarly reflective performance is likely to occur to the one this year.  It is currently in rehearsal.

Were you here for the recent special Christmas matinée for ordinary members of the public of all ages?

The last digital Twaklinesque Festival of Peace was a full festival of meaningfulness* for all the participants.  

(*information for registered patrons only)

The Twaklinesque Festival of the Adelaidezone took place* mainly in June this year.

In the middle of last year, you may have been invited to participate in the International Twaklinesque Literary Festival of Twaklinian Poetry and Twaklinist Prose.

The International Festival of Crowdsourcing took place* in October 2013.  Peace always requires crowdsourcing.

If you are an Australian or a Nilkawtian, you may already have been invited to the biennial Nilkawt Philanthropy Festival, which is next to take place in December of next year.  There is likely to be a concurrent folk art festival.

How will you prepare for the next digital Twaklinesque Festival of Peace?

How will you prepare for the next World Enlightenment Forum, too?

As you would expect, there will also be several new dialogues of enlightenment at both the festival and the forum.

Thank you for making the effort to be here for this information session. We hope you are already well prepared for the year ahead.