Friday, 27 January 2017

Happy Birthday Most Arty Sir Mozarty Mozart

Good morning and welcome, dear guests, to this very special birthday celebration in the ethereal theatre of Villa Twaklinilkawt in the Adelaidezone digital arts quarter of Adelaide, Australia.

This event is likely to be even more special than last year.

If anyone asks you why Mozart himself is (still) so special, what do you usually say?

Here are a few answers to that question from this time last year:

The world's most beautiful music has been inspiring the world's most enlightened policy compositions for many years now.  That in itself is worth celebrating today.

Whether the Mozarty Party world peace and global prosperity tour will continue throughout 2017, and further into the future, is another matter entirely.

In wishing Sir Mozarty Mozart a happy 261st birthday today, we are wishing ourselves a happy future, dear audience members.  Yet we must turn our wishful thinking into fact.  That will include expanding the opportunity for a happy future to as many people as possible.

We continue to have the manifesto with which to do so.

We continue to have the knowledge, talents and skills with which to continue our dialogues of enlightenment.

We continue to have the extraordinary privilege of examining and experiencing a Twaklin anthology.

We can continue to experience a heritage performance here and there, now and then.

Do you consider Mozart to be part of your heritage?

If not, why is that?

Who are you and why are you here?

How are you attempting to make the world a much better place than it would be without you?

Of course, we are not you.  We are senior members of the Mozarty Party.  We have exclusive access to many experiences of the harmonious interplay of beauty, understanding and magnificence.  But do you have similar opportunities at present?

You may be wondering whether you will be eligible for free tickets to upcoming public occasions here in this digital theatre.  Why should you be offered such a privilege?  Why should anyone be generous towards you?

Last year, there was much celebration of 260 years of Mozart's genius.  Although it took at least three years for that genius to show itself to his parents, there is a chance that Mozart began learning about the world before he was born, just like you did.

What did you learn in the womb?  What did you learn in the first few days and weeks after birth?  What do you remember from around the time of your birth?  What do you remember of your childhood?

What do you remember from this time last year?

You will probably want to continue having access to the best of the best of your memories, and of wonderful further possibilities.

You may be expecting to attend another evening of auditions, possibly as a performer.  Are you familiar with the auditioning process here?

If you are expecting just a few dramas from the parlour to be re-enacted here today, why is that?

You may have experiences a special Christmas matinée for all the family in this ethereal theatre a few weeks ago.  Most participants in that event were preparing for the digital Twaklinesque Festival of Peace, as usual.

Are you prepared?

Do you have sprezzatura whilst carrying out your duties as an enlightened being?

You may be invited to compose just a few dramas from the parlour again for newer audiences.

You may also be expected to continue with the preparations for the digital Twaklinesque Festival of Peace each year into the future.

What do you think Mozart would expect of you?

Continuing the celebration of Mozart, his music, and other higher level experiences throughout the year is often wonderfully enjoyable.  Yet taking the harmonious interplay of beauty, understanding and magnificence into the world of politics can often be difficult.

And Mozart is for everyone, everywhere...

It is still early in the day here in the Adelaidezone.  We are likely to have another performance of the social media show later.  We hope you will join us.

Here are a few more reminders of last year...

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