Monday, 27 February 2017

All Things Being Otherwise Equal

Everyone deserves a career on equal terms.  Apart from talent and effort, what else should distinguish one person from another, excluding the marketing?

Why is abuse so common? Why are so many careers ruined as a consequence of it?

Many parents do their best to protect, and even overprotect, their children.

Other parents do not provide their children with enough protection.

Some parents take risks in an effort to give their children, and themselves, opportunities not otherwise available.

Yet the world remains a dangerous place.

Some children do not have parents at all, though they may have loving grandparents or caring guardians.  Other children do not receive proper care.  Many loving parents are too impoverished to provide the nurturing their children need.

Popular culture, the entertainment industry and unpopular neighbourhoods are filled with oily predators.  Anyone superficially appearing to be charming often turns out to be a manipulative narcissist.

Unless you have experienced abuse, or witnessed abuse, or have knowingly been an abuser, how do you know what it is like to be in that dark and dangerous world?

Even if your life has been one of loving, caring, safe surroundings, has there ever been anyone who has acted as a guiding light towards an even better world for you?

With so many different things and experiences attracting attention, and so many mixed emotions to feel, who helps you to make sense of the world, and to make sense of your own mind?

There is so much to fill the senses, the mind and the stomach.

There is much craziness to endure.

And hard work to do.

Who truly knows where to find truth and beauty?

Sometimes silence is required.

Silence. The sound of one hand clapping.  Listening to the rhythms of nature.

With silent enlightenment, who needs applause?

Even so, sometimes silence is a likely sign of abuse.

Who has a right to be heard?

Who is making too much noise behind the scenes?

Where do you feel a sense of belonging?

When and how are parallels between the physical and the digital to be drawn?

Where is hypocrisy most likely to be found?

And when do words have little meaning in reality?  Think of history.

All things being otherwise equal, where is enlightenment to be found?

There is often controversy when cultural preferences and personal tastes are difficult to distinguish from matters of fairness and unfairness

Who helps you to perceive the world more richly?

When do you behave with a lack of appreciation?

Why do you except some invitations and not others?

How do you react to the world around you?

When do you seek out different perspectives?

Learning from history can take many forms

The same applies to science

And politics

And the arts

And travel

And engineering

And human rights

And freedom

And stupidity

And diplomacy

And leadership

And equality

And technology

And the universe

And other species

In the context of the amazing and the mundane

At the passing of lives

And the meeting of old foes

With the influence of fame

And the tragedy of illness

Whilst remembering magnificence through the centuries

We all have unique experiences of emotions

Including in relation to vulnerability

Reaching for interdependence

Or independence

And respect

From a range of points of view

With philosophical insights

And additional research