Tuesday, 27 June 2017

A Peaceful Day

Unless you have a ticket for tonight's exclusive performance here in relation to the Mozarty Party World Peace and Global Prosperity Tour, it is unlikely you will experience a particularly peaceful day today, even if you are a regular attendee at the ethereal proprietor's serene salon for world peace.

Peacefulness is so much easier to acquire once you know how to overcome stage fright on the world stage.  Please note that this current presentation is the last to be offered to ordinary mortals.  Even the stage door is likely to be locked to such individuals soon, as is the green room.  If you are an ordinary mortal, you may have almost missed your only opportunity to become more enlightened than would otherwise be possible.

Your enlightened leadership is not sufficiently developed, according to the most informed critics on the subject.  This is mostly indicated by the fact that you have never given a heritage performance of sufficient merit.  Did you not realise that you are meant to supply something worthwhile for future generations to appreciate, and even enjoy?

Official public tours of this theatre, and of Villa Twaklinilkawt more generally, have taken place at all hours of the day and night on every day and night of the year for several years now.  Those tours have occurred parallel to the private activities pursued in this location.

Please note that public tours are now much more restricted than was earlier the case.  In fact, only extraordinary persons are now permitted on tours of Villa Twaklinilkawt.  The relatively enlightened public is a very small audience.

The digital, global Embassy of Nilkawt, in the annex of Villa Twaklinilkawt, is soon likely to be similarly inaccessible to ordinary persons: Most ordinary persons do not have peaceful days in any location, which is why the Government of Nilkawt does its best to exclude all sorts of ordinariness and conflict from Nilkawtian territory.

Private experiences and public experiences never intrude upon each other in any part of Nilkawt.  This is similarly reflected in the activities within and around Villa Twaklinilkawt.  The private and the public do, in fact, exist in parallel throughout the Adelaidezone, much like the material and the ethereal aspects of existence.

There are no unofficial tours permitted here.  Nor are there any private tours for untalented members of the public.

Public presentations of performances have usually only occurred here once a month, on the 27th day of each month, on whatever day of the week that has happened to be.  The times varied though publicly-accessible shows usually took place in the evenings, at least in the local Adelaidean/Adelaidezone timezone.

Only to the most talented, trustworthy persons have been provided with sufficient details of public performances in this ethereal theatre beforehand, but usually only if such individuals have become patrons of the work within Villa Twaklinilkawt.  

Are you a registered patron?

Patrons can learn more about exclusive theatre tours

Whether you are a registered patron or not, you may wish to learn more about recent public performances.

As a consequence of the inclusive production, presentation and performance schedule for each earlier public performance, there has been at least one nice surprise for most audience members at each event, and possibly even for most of the performers.  There may or may not be any inclusive, unexpected future opportunities for you as a consequence of your presence here today, unless your strong, enlightened cultural leadership is displayed sufficiently quite soon.

Are you seeking exclusive opportunities at all?

With so many unpleasant surprises and hideous shocks occurring in the world, everyone needs uplifting experiences to counteract distress.  Beyond regular, simple pleasures to enhance quality of life, additional pleasant surprises and consistently affectionate appreciation make life worthwhile.

In view of the above, you will obviously want to receive an uplifting, inclusive experience at least once a month in the months ahead. Even so, it is important for everyone to be aware that one person's idea of a pleasantly uplifting experience will not necessarily be enjoyable to anyone else.  Indeed, the ability to make that distinction is a sign of enlightenment.  Only a fool would believe one size fits all.

Yet the world is meant to include everyone and everything within it, with or without inclusive access to theatre tours, theatrical training, auditions and a really green green room.

When was the last time you attended an evening of auditions as a performer?

When was the last time you witnessed just a few dramas from the parlour?

How have you been preparing for this year's digital Twaklinesque Festival of Peace?

In the serene salon for world peace, you will have experienced many expressions of strong and enlightened cultural leadership.  You will most recently have received several delightful introductions for a peaceful and prosperous world.

How have you invested in your own leadership?  How have you invested in your education, your health and your quality of life for the years ahead?  How much cultural capital have you acquired?

Over the past year, over in the green room, otherwise known as the natural common room, there has been considerable effort made by all the staff and volunteers there to enlighten visitors about the opportunities for peace presented within Villa Twaklinilkawt.  Whether you decide to take up those Twaklinesque opportunities is very much up to you.

Were you in this digital theatre in January this year when we said Happy Birthday most arty Sir Mozarty Mozart?  If not, why not?  Would you have felt uncomfortably out of place?

Do you have much understanding of symbolic gifts?

Have you visited the post-consumerist gift store at all?

If you are not yet a patron of the work conducted from Villa Twaklinilkawt, please consider becoming one very soon.  With all things being otherwise equal here, enlightened beings are unfortunately still in short supply in the world at large, within and beyond Adelaide.

As you may be aware, Adelaide was meant to be a city of dreams.  Has it lived up to its promise or has the rest of Australia - and perhaps the rest of the world - destroyed that hope?  Whose perspective(s) have you included in your answer?

Last month, the Ethereal World Peace Award Ceremony took place in this ethereal theatre.  Were you here?  Did you win a prize?

How often do you provide the world with a peaceful day?