Friday, 25 August 2017

Local Effects

Today's monthly Adelaide briefing will again take place in the drawing room of Villa Twaklinilkawt at noon.  The occasion is likely to have many local effects.

Whether those effects will be detrimental or beneficial, or a mixture of the two, is yet to be known.  Whether the effects will have long-term consequences or be short-term inconveniences also remains open to speculation.

Are you familiar with any geological local effects?

Are you familiar with restorative local effects?

Do you know the difference between detrimental effects and beneficial ones?

There are detrimental effects whenever the public imagination is insufficiently enlightened, in any locality.  Seeking the easy resolution of local and global problems is usually preferred by most people.  It may be why they enjoy crime dramas and romantic comedies rather than the careful assessment of responsibilities.

In a crime drama, a problem is usually solved by the end of the narrative.  In romantic comedies, the main characters usually resolve their differences and embrace each other happily at the end of the story.  Sports usually have someone who wins, much like other forms of popular culture.

Winning is often mistaken for success.  There are usually negative local effects whenever there is a competitive situation.  Crimes are rarely solved easily except when criminals are stupid.  The real world contains many romantic tragedies.  And all winners in sport eventually lose, even if they become multimillionaires in the meantime.

Government policies have many local effects, too, as do business decisions and personal decisions.  How should the Adelaideans respond to those effects in the months ahead?

Do make your way to the dignified digital drawing room if you are seeking to attend the noon briefing.