Sunday, 27 August 2017

Patrons of Enlightenment

It is with great pleasure that I am able to announce that this ethereal theatre currently remains open to patrons of enlightenment.  If you are not a patron of enlightenment, please leave immediately.

All audience members will be expected to display their tickets to the staff here over the next few minutes.

Patrons of enlightenment spend much time matching Mozart.  They mainly do so by seeking to understand minds other than their own.

Patrons of enlightenment are informed critics of The Social Media Show.  They have a clear understanding of the difference between the worthwhile and a waste of time.

Patrons of enlightenment are keen participants in The Mozarty Party World Peace and Global Prosperity Tour.  They are usually the first at the box office when any Mozarty Party activity is to occur in their local area and/or digital vicinity.

Patrons of enlightenment obviously enjoy dialogues of enlightenment.  This is the case whether they are mere observers or active participants.

Patrons of enlightenment are most welcome to purchase A Twaklin Anthology from time to time.  As appreciators of the Twaklinesque, they know quality when they experience it.

Patrons of enlightenment often celebrate the second Age of Enlightenment through Twaklinian poetry, songs, variations and recitals.  They occasionally do so in this ethereal theatre.

Patrons of enlightenment deepen their awareness of the world and its history by attending a heritage performance whenever possible.  This is particularly the case when the heritage involves sprezzatura.

Patrons of enlightenment desire an evening of auditions to be reflective of artistic integrity.  Such integrity takes place on both sides of the stage door.

Patrons of enlightenment know that just a few dramas from the parlour are rarely likely to upset the management of this theatre.  The same does not necessarily apply to dramas presented in the mass media.

Patrons of enlightenment have long been preparing for the Digital Twaklinesque Festival of Peace.  That festival is currently taking place amongst the Adelaideans and all sorts of other people.

Patrons of enlightenment dedicate a day each year to saying Happy Birthday most arty Sir Mozarty Mozart.   They do so with great pleasure and enthusiasm, especially in this auditorium.

Patrons of enlightenment know that, all things being otherwise equal, they will be expected to pay for the pleasure of enjoying future performances here, with or without the ethereal presence of Mozart, his mother, wife, sister and/or pretty cousin.

Patrons of enlightenment prefer access to a city of dreams, possibly even as a place in which to live.  The people who already live is such a place tend to prefer more exclusive access.

Many patrons of enlightenment quite recently attended The Ethereal World Peace Award Ceremony in this ethereal theatre.  They all hope world peace will be one of the upcoming public occasions.

All patrons of enlightenment are certainly grateful for at least a peaceful day from time to time.  Those distinguished persons are also likely to spend a few hours of such a day in the green room associated with this theatre.

Patrons of enlightenment are primarily supporters of non-popular culture.  They may even express that culture during auditions and/or undercover work.  They have also occasionally been known to gain privileged experience of such a culture in Mozart's dressing room or even Nannerl's suite.

Are you a patron of enlightenment?  If so, where is your ticket to an enlightened future?