Adagia Rooms

A short distance from the auditorium of this ethereal theatre can be found the Adagia rooms, or at least they can be found by enlightened local citizens of sufficient means.

The Adagia rooms are where the Friends of Adelaide Adagia frequently meet digitally.  Such persons are the upholders of journalistic excellence in this part of the world.  They know the value of such journalism and they are willing to pay for its production and distribution.

Most people are unaware of the many differences between quality journalism and the various lesser forms.  Such ignorance is one of the most obvious signs of the lack of enlightenment in the world, and particularly in Australia.

Erasmus is often to be found in one of the Adagia rooms, updating his notebooks.  He continues to take a keen interest in suitably informed social criticism.

Much of the media in Australia, both within and outside the context of journalism, displays a tendency towards displays of unwarranted aggression.  The vocabulary of much Australian journalism is hideously violent.  What does that say about Australian culture?

For any respectable patron preferring a more peaceful approach to the reporting of social and political issues, the Adagia rooms provide a calm, highly civilized sanctuary.

The Adagia rooms are primarily for Adelaidean patrons though other South Australians may also apply for admittance.  Such patrons are not necessarily amongst the Friends of Adelaide Adagia though the most enlightened amongst them tend to be.

Quality journalism is never rushed.  Although it is conducted one step at a time, it is always highly productive and beautifully presented.  In that way, it almost matches Mozart.

If you are already a respectable patron associated directly or indirectly with Villa Twaklinilkawt, you will have enjoyed access to the green room in the ethereal gatehouse on many occasions.  You will not necessarily have had access to the Adagia rooms or to various treasures in and from the archives.

Did you leave your imagination in the foyer?

Respectable patrons of quality journalism know that there is a considerable cost involved in the upkeep of standards, particularly concerning management.  The management of information and the sharing of knowledge should never be left to untrained amateurs.  Highly trained amateurs are another matter entirely.

Many members of the Friends of Adelaide Adagia have been highly trained in the assessment and management of vast quantities of information.  They have participated in the collation and correction of data on many occasions.  They obviously have the public interest uppermost in their minds at all times.

Significant news about the Friends of Adelaide Adagia is occasionally presented on The Social Media Show, particularly through Twitter, but only when such news is most definitely in the public interest. 

Have you ever been in an Adagia room elsewhere?