Artistic Director

To be an artistic director in a theatrical setting is to express an imagination with the intention of presenting its manifestations before an audience.  All artistic directors of any worth will have explored the imaginations of many other persons, across many centuries, whilst developing their own.

The imagination of the artistic director associated with this ethereal theatre is somewhat extraordinary.  That imagination will only reveal itself to you through your own imagination.

Unless you have an imagination of your own, access to the imaginations of all sorts of other people will be difficult for you.  You may sometimes think you are experiencing the manifestations of other people's imaginations yet how can you be sure of that?  If you do not have an imagination of your own, answering that question accurately will itself be very difficult for you.

How do you imagine yourself within an ethereal theatre?  Anything ethereal lacks physicality.  Before the possibility arises for its physical manifestations to display themselves, the ethereal requires a relationship between at least two minds.  This is when some sort of medium is required.  What is your understanding of the relationship between minds and media?

Choosing a suitable medium requires appropriate direction. There are many forms of direction, very few of which are particularly artistic.  You may even be some sort of director yourself.  How do you usually direct dialogues of enlightenment?

The artistic director of this ethereal theatre expects a sprezzatura approach to to be conveyed by all performers involved in enlightening dialogues.  There are no unenlightening dialogues permitted here.

As an enlightened being, the artistic director of this ethereal theatre knows that good dialogues rarely result in agreement.  To reach agreement is not the purpose of such a dialogue.  The purpose is to open the minds of audience members to differing yet equally reasonable points of view about very important matters.

To the artistic director, your imagination is a very important matter in itself, even though your imagination contains no matter at all until it manifests itself.  During the auditioning process, several opportunities are provided to you, by the artistic director, to participate in several elegantly egalitarian dialogues.  You may even be invited to become one of the directors of enlightenment here.

Directors of enlightenment - part one

Directors of enlightenment - part two

How often do you participate in dialogic learning?

How do you usually contribute to a Socratic dialogue?

As with all other forms of art, the purpose of a dialogue is to bring the imagination to life.  Dialogue is all most people possess as a way of gaining mutual understanding yet there are many individuals who prefer to ignore points of view in conflict with their own.

The artistic director of this ethereal theatre invites you to direct the pace of dialogues.  If your responses are slow, you will probably prefer to participate in a suspense.  If your responses are quick, you will probably prefer to participate in a comedy. 

What do you tend to expect of a narrative?

Have you ever contributed to the narrative of The Social Media Show?

Have you ever contributed to the narrative of world peace?

There are many private dramas associated with Villa Twaklinikawt, including those from the parlour.  Most such dramas are somewhat mediocre fare for the world stage though their narratives are usually reflective of the effects of stage fright.

The ethereal proprietor of this villa is the artistic director of this theatre, of course. As an expert on how to overcome stage fright on the world stage, the artistic director assists all performers to use their imaginations productively in relation to the plot.  Anyone losing the plot will be asked to leave.

Enlightening dialogue often requires definitions and descriptions.  Egalitarian dialogues are the only reasonable dialogues and therefore the only ones likely to be sufficiently enlightened.  Yet any sort of dialogue can be enlightening when examining abuses of power. The key is to know what is reasonable and what is not.

Throughout Villa Twaklinilkawt, visitors have often been invited to acquaint themselves with exhibitions and expositions.  The only persuasiveness supplied here relates to enlightenment itself and hence the prerequisites for world peace and universal prosperity.  The artistic director would never permit any pushiness.

Until an egalitarian dialogue arises and the fourth wall falls, suspension of disbelief is required.  This is a healthy coping strategy when faced with so much unenlightened activity in the world.  The therapeutic necessity for enlightening entertainment is why this ethereal theatre occasionally presents public performances.

When was the last time you experienced artistic significance?

When was the last time you experienced an artistically authentic or authentically artistic approach to anything?

When was the last time you compiled, or complied with, a Twaklin anthology?

Whenever your contributions to egalitarian dialogues will be expected by the artistic director, you will be offered the chance to attend an evening of auditions.  Please ensure you are fully familiar with the auditioning process beforehand.

There are likely to be many unexpected plot devices during the auditions.  Have you ever had your personality properly examined before?