If you are participating in the second Age of Enlightenment, why are your efforts so little known and so ineffective?

Why is enlightenment so marginal in mainstream, popular culture?

Why do so many people consider enlightenment to be boring and, therefore, not worthwhile?

If you can imagine a more enlightened world, how are you expressing that world in the here and now?

What do you believe to be the main barriers to further enlightenment in the world?

Who do you believe to be the most influential critics of enlightenment and why do they have so much influence?

How are you currently attempting to promote enlightenment in the world?

Here is something from 2014 in relation to the manifesto of the World Enlightenment Forum, including its non-ethereal manifestation:


If you intend attending the next World Enlightenment Forum, even if merely digitally, what sort of contribution are you willing and able to make, and why?