Inclusive Access

You have probably experienced a little inclusive access to this theatre already if you have completed the public tour, attended several public performances, volunteered in various areas of Villa Twaklinilkawt and participated in all the introductory tutorials.  You will not necessarily have passed any auditions.

How do you usually express enlightened cultural leadership?

With so many unpleasant surprises and hideous shocks occurring in the world, everyone needs uplifting experiences to counteract distress.  Beyond regular, simple pleasures to enhance quality of life, pleasant surprises and affectionate appreciation make life worthwhile.

In view of this, you will obviously want to receive an uplifting, inclusive experience at least once a month. Even so, it is important for everyone to be aware that one person's idea of a pleasantly uplifting experience will not necessarily be enjoyable to anyone else.  Indeed, the ability to make that distinction is a sign of enlightenment. Only a fool would believe one size fits all.

Yet the world is meant to include everyone and everything within it, with or without inclusive access to theatre tours, theatrical training, auditions and a really green green room.

Inclusive access to theatre tours

Inclusive access to auditions

Inclusive access to a really green green room

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