The Nilkawtians

Unless you are already a Nilkawtian, you are unlikely to know much about Nilkawtians at all.  If you are an Australian, on the other hand, you are very unlikely to know much about other Australians, with or without the assistance of a national census.

Most Nilkawtians are proficient actors in many situations, particularly on the world stage.  They are certainly immensely capable of undercover work.  Indeed, to be a Nilkawtian is to act with subtlety, sensitivity and sprezzatura whenever a role does not require Australian characteristics.

All non-ethereal Nilkawtians are dual and jewel citizens of Australia.  That means they are usually unwelcome to display their enlightened leadership in Canberra.

As conveyors of peaceful approaches to international relations, many Nilkawtians are regularly preparing for the Digital Twaklinesque Festival of Peace.  They know that all the highest forms of culture contain at least a small part of the Twaklinesque.  And all the highest forms of culture contribute to interpersonal peace and world peace.

Nothing pleases Nilkawtians more than a peaceful day.  They do not require much drama in their lives.

The Nilkawtian Head of State is a world expert on enlightened leadership.  Very few other heads of state have similar expertise.