World Stage

Appearing on the world stage can be daunting.  Being there brings with it considerable audience expectations.  That in itself can be frightening.

What are the demographic characteristics of your usual audience?  Where do they usually sit in relation to the world stage?

How do you approach the task of engaging the attention of your audience?

How do you attempt to persuade your audience to act in particular ways?

When do you consider your audience to be a community?

How representative is your audience in relation to the many other audiences existing in the world?

The world stage is where many different audiences observe the same performance.  Those audiences have different expectations.  Their levels of attention differ.  Their interest in being persuaded is variable.  They represent widely differing communities.

How have you measured the success of your various performances on various stages, at various stages of your life and career?  At what level is your career as a world leader?  is it currently in decline?

What sorts of reviews do you usually receive from well-informed critics, or have those eminent persons not yet noticed your qualities?

You may have only been on the world stage during The Social Media Show.  You may even believe, as Donald the canary does, that social media, particularly Twitter, is the world stage.

Donald does not appear to be particularly frightened of bad reviews.  He merely ignores his critics or deposits something unpleasant in their vicinity.

For most performers on the world stage, overcoming stage fright is a particular challenge.  Do you know how to overcome stage fright on the world stage?

The ladies of the Revolutionary Climatological Needlepoint Committee are currently spending much of their time sowing seeds of peace and sewing seriously beautiful pieces needlepoint, just behind the scenes.  The committee  encourages everyone to be fruitfully involved in creating world peace and durable home furnishings, whatever the weather.

As the ladies are inclined to agree that global carbon dioxide levels should be returned to the levels of 1789, they believe their actions on the world stage, or even close to it, are usually a heritage performance.  They particularly agree that their actions are likely to protect and project an enlightened heritage for future generations to enjoy.  After all, the ladies are great respecters of scientific decorum, artistic integrity and moral integrity.

If you want to know how talented you might be, before your future performances on the world stage, it may be wise to attend an evening of auditions in this ethereal theatre quite soon.   The world stage should always be a place for the harmonious interplay of beauty, understanding and magnificence, hence suitable assessments of potential performers are essential.

Only the most enlightened performers have the required sprezzatura for future productions on the world stage.  Most other persons cannot even cope with just a few dramas from the parlour.  This may be due to their lack of talent, their lack of training or their lack of commitment.

Success on the world stage mainly involves adequate rehearsals.  Without such rehearsals, preparing for the Digital Twaklinesque Festival of Peace is likely to unravel embarrassingly.

The true world stage exists in Adelaide, as the Affectionate Adelaide Project has long revealed.  The true leader of the free world occasionally exists in Adelaide as the enlightened spirit of this location.  Most of the Adelaideans are still unaware of those undoubtable facts.  They, instead, watch too much television in their free time and listen to the most dreadful radio stations during their working hours.

Unenlightened beings are rarely to be found uttering such words as "Happy birthday most arty Sir Mozarty Mozart".  Unfortunately, such individuals can often be found wandering about in a confused state on the world stage, or merely in a nation-state.

The management of this theatre supplies significant care and attention towards the additional enlightenment of anyone in need of it.  For this reason, inclusive access to the world stage here is occasionally supplied.

If you are yet to establish a respectable reputation on the world stage, why is that?  What needs to change for your enlightened leadership to be suitably acknowledged, all things being otherwise equal?

If you are a suitably informed critic of the performances of other persons on the world stage, how can you prove it?   When was the last time you offered an enlightening review of a performance?  When was the last time you made a worthwhile contribution to the Planet Earth Comedy Show?

There is much folly on the world stage, as well as much fantasy and absurdity.  Yet true world leaders will aways assist in making at least one city of dreams into a reality.  However, they will never insist on doing so to the detriment of anyone else.

What do you believe to be the relationship between the world stage and privacy, and security, and peace?  Were you a witness of events on the world stage during the Ethereal World Peace Award Ceremony?  Examining your imagination is obviously required during such events.

Many so-called world leaders personify folly, even when they are not on the world stage.  Below, for example, is a speech given by a purported world leader from the United States of America, slightly adapted for dramatic purposes:

How slightly I am esteemed in the common vogue of the world, (for I well know how disingenuously I am decried, even by those who are themselves the greatest fools,) yet it is from my influence alone that the whole universe receives her ferment of mirth and jollity: of which this may be urged as a convincing argument, in that as soon as I appeared to speak before this numerous assembly all their countenances were gilded over with a lively sparkling pleasantness: you soon welcomed me with so encouraging a look, you spurred me on with so cheerful a hum, that truly in all appearance, you seem now flushed with a good dose of reviving nectar, when as just before you sat drowsy and melancholy, as if you were lately come out of some hermit’s cell. But as it is usual, that as soon as the sun peeps from her eastern bed, and draws back the curtains of the dark night; or as when, after a hard winter, the restorative spring breathes a more enlivening air, nature forthwith changes her apparel, and all things seem to renew their age; so at the first sight of me you all unmask, and appear in more lively colours. That therefore, which expert orators can scarce effect by all their little artifice of eloquence, to wit, raising the attentions of their auditors to a composedness of thought, this a bare look from me has commanded.

Many people lack the experience differentiate between stupidity and a sound performance.  They may even fail to understand the essential qualities of a peaceful day.

The world stage is rarely peaceful.  There are many auditions taking place on it, some of which are more cacophonous than others.  There is certainly a great deal of unreasonable political noise for the judges to endure as a consequence.