Your Imagination

Dear audience member

Welcome to your imagination.  Please make yourself as comfortable as possible.

Whether your imagination is enlightened or not is a matter for you to decide, before your next audition begins.

Did you not know that all audience members are auditioned in this ethereal theatre?  The purpose of those auditions is to assess the qualities of each person's imagination.

For much of the time in the 21st century, your imagination appears to have been absent from your mind.  You may find it under your seat or on top of your head or just behind the stage door.

Many unimaginative persons hope to find their imaginations in a box office of one sort or another, or in an audio-visual box of some description, or in a box of popcorn or chocolates or minty lozenges.

You may have left your imagination in a green room somewhere.  That would not be at all surprising.  Many purported performers are in the habit of doing so.

When did you first arrive in this auditorium and how did you arrive?

And when did you first attempt to launch your career on the world stage?

Such questions are necessary to answer before your next audition begins.

Only imaginative persons are successful in the auditions.  Indeed, imagination and success are usually intertwined in the minds of enlightened patrons.

Do you consider yourself to be an enlightened patron?