The Adelaideans

There are two sorts of Adelaideans:

a) Enlightened Adelaideans

b) Unenlightened Adelaideans

If you are an Adelaidean, which sort are you?

For the benefit of Adelaideans and other South Australians, ethereal persons of great societal and political influence have often been involved in briefing the public of South Australia.

How are you participating in activities to fund quality #Adelaide reporting?

Most of the

information below

is currently for

patrons only

If you are looking for your compassion recently, please be aware that ordinary mortals have sometimes been invited to attend the serene salon for world peace within the Villa Twaklinilkawt.

Your invitation?

If you are currently one of the fortunate persons with substantial access to Villa Twaklinilkawt, the next official tour of the house and grounds leaves in a few moments.

Please hurry if you are seeking to join it:

Villa Twaklinilkawt tours

Upon entering the ethereal gatehouse, the exclusive tour will begin by taking you up into the beautiful, natural common room:

The natural common room

Once there, it may be possible to upgrade your status, subject to negotiation.

Whilst being interviewed by one of the trustees at the patronage partnership desk, in the natural common room, you are likely to have been asked about your prior experiences of:

1. Extraordinary quaternary tutorials in support of the second Age of Enlightenment

2. The official digital embassy of the Ethereal Grand Duchy of Nilkawt

3. Enlightened Guidance on Adelaide reporting

4. Sufficiently magnificent archival notes composed to support enlightened democracies everywhere

5. The enlightening Adelaidezone news observatory

6. Twaklinist archival diary notes in the parlour meant for you and your enlightenment

7. The Twaklinological library of enlightenment

8. A Twaklinological archive associated with an Adelaidezone science studio

9. A Twaklinomical archive of ethereal economics, as developed and maintained by true servants of art and enlightenment

10. The vault one archive of Adelaide (Adagia) Reports

11. The vault two archive of Adelaide (Adagia) Reports

12. The Villa Twaklinikawt archives to assist the 21st century Enlightenment

If you possess the ability to answer the questions even better than anticipated, you may be invited into some of the more private areas of the villa, including the outer room of the beautiful boudoir:

The beautiful boudoir

In the vicinity of the boudoir, you are likely to be introduced to several women of some importance to the future of the world.

Regardless of your gender, if your behaviour is inappropriate in or near the boudoir, or anywhere else in Villa Twaklinilkawt, you are likely to be banished forever from this location.  Your activities elsewhere will then be investigated thoroughly, appropriately documented, and possibly reported to the relevant authorities.

Persons justifiably regarded to be of ill repute are usually regarded here as "them" by the Adelaide Adagia News Ensemble. 

How can you prove you will not be regarded as disreputable in the future?