Upcoming Public Occasions

Welcome to this ethereal little theatre in Villa Twaklinilkawt. 

Are you here seeking information about upcoming public tours, public shows, training activities, unexpected opportunities through open auditions and/or possibly even inclusive access to behind-the-scenes events?

The current, virtual public tour of this ethereal theatre is somewhat experimental, partly self-guided and always unpredictable.  Please participate entirely at your own risk.

How do you expect to find enlightenment in the future if you do not know when a risk is worthwhile?

Even the inclusive events here are partly private and sometimes mostly secret.  The public aspects may, in fact, be perplexing to the uninitiated.  Suitable training is therefore a good idea before attending.

One of the ways in which attendance at future occasions would be better informed is through an examination of earlier production notes and rehearsal notes.  

A few notes from 2016

A few notes from December 2017  

What sorts of upcoming public occasions would be of considerable interest to you, exactly? 

What would attract your fee-paying attention immensely, immediately and generously? 

What would excite you so much that you would sell all your worldly possessions for a chance to experience it?

What has inspired you to become a patron here?

What is your current relationship with the box office?

What is your association with the drama school?

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